SEO, Tips for beginners

SEO? What’s That?

For a newbie who has is about to enter the digital marketing world, must understand the concept of SEO first. This is the one thing that starts the journey of a digital marketer. So, if you’re that one who wants to understand the essential reasons why SEO is necessary for digital marketing, then you’ve landed upon the right destination where you can put all your SEO related queries to rest.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of activities which are performed to investigate the actual rank of a particular website on a search engine. Usually, these analyses are done according to Google guidelines to attain the highest rank among all the competitors.

Suppose, you’ve started an SEO business website and want to see how many competitors you have. To do so, you need a set of keywords which will help you get high rankings in a couple of weeks. These keywords are generally, either service or region based. For instance, you want to target Australia initially, so you can use keywords like- best SEO in Sydney, leading SEO services, best SEO company in Perth and much more.

To search relevant and highly searched keywords, using Google Adwords keyword planner can help you in the best possible manner.

Now to attain your goal of getting higher rankings start with deciding a number of platforms and keywords. Then comes following a certain method of doing SEO. Yes, this is something new for you to know that SEO has further two types. And those are-

The black hat SEO is about generating links through spam or adult websites. Using this procedure may help you get quicker results but at the same time, you never know when your website will be discarded by Google rankings. Also, the impressive rankings which you get through such spam links stay for a short span of time only.

In case, you’ve been stuffing your keywords unnecessarily in the content, cloaking, using hidden text or links to promote your website, then somehow you’re troubling your own website in the most drastic manner.

To reap the most out of SEO techniques, use white hat SEO where you may get results in almost double time as compared to black hat SEO but those results will be genuine and won’t vanish the next morning.

Undoubtedly, the Google rankings fluctuate every day, but getting high or low ranking can be dependent on the number of competitors you have. And to work according to the right Google guidelines, make sure to use white hat SEO which lets you have the organic search results and if you’re lucky enough, you may generate leads through your SEO promotions.

Generally, to see high rankings you need to work constantly on your website keywords only then you’ll be able to see a difference in 2-3 months. Once, you start neglecting your SEO activities, your website rankings can drop anytime.

Apart from link building, the second pillar of SEO is social media which gives you ample of attention from your targeted audience. But for this, again you have to undergo learning about SMO (Social Media Optimization).

The vision of SEO can never end till you wish to learn a new aspect of it.

Cindy Abrahim (Author)