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Digital Marketing for the Refrigeration industry

Although it is wrongly decried for its “so-called” low return on investment, digital marketing is nevertheless a development lever for refrigeration industries, regardless of the sectors in which they operate.  In today environment, digital marketing is becoming an increasing factor in customer acquisition success such as the business owners looking for cafe kitchen fit out. The fact is that industries have become too accustomed to B2B exchanges, while this buying process is long and tedious. Admittedly, trade shows and telephone prospecting continue to prove their worth, but they are no longer enough to attract a targeted audience that can be quickly converted into leads. To achieve this, industries must build a well-crafted marketing strategy.

What are the challenges of digital marketing for industries?

Digital marketing is a necessity for industries today, for the simple reason that buyers are digitizing themselves. Recent studies have shown that 80% of buyers use the internet to search for a supplier or services on the internet. The industries which are present but which are not involved in this development dynamic will be doomed to disappear. The main challenge of digital marketing is to position the industry in front of this audience and capture their attention through focusing on the right categories such as commercial freezersBromic refrigeration & commercial fridges. Logically, an industry that interests customers increases its profits.

Charles Douglas (Author)