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Digital Software to remotely control commercial pizza ovens

A handy remote control enables the oven functions to be controlled remotely.. Digital control panel with touch screen and capacitive function. precise and robust. The software can easily be updated in a few minutes and with no additional costs using a usb pen drive!

The wooden pizza oven:
To all honor, the wood-fired oven is THE pizza oven par excellence. It reaches high temperatures, allows very rapid cooking (often less than 2 minutes) and gives the pizza that inimitable wood-fired flavor. If you are going for a walk, you can now remotely control your commercial pizza ovens with an app, you can do the same for a dough mixers & deck ovens.

The high temperature of a wood-fired pizza oven allows the sugars in the dough to caramelize and, once cooked, gives it that black spotted appearance so sought after by purists.

The great heat released by the fire allows cooking without drops in temperature and with the same door open.

Best pizza makers digital app

It is the oven of the best pizza makers and enlightened amateurs.

Depending on the model, it can be used indoors or outdoors, recessed, free-standing or on legs.

The wood-fired pizza oven requires careful monitoring of cooking; for example, the pizzas must be turned with a baking peel once or twice during cooking, which prevents the part located near the embers from burning.

Maintaining a wood-fired pizza oven is quite simple, a stiff brush and an ash scraper will do the trick.

A wooden pizza oven requires, as its name suggests, dry wood (at Caloria we recommend using dry beech) which does not burst when burned. For lighting, natural fire lighters and a bag of mini logs of wood will be suitable.

Allow for an hourly consumption of between 2 and 5 kilos of wood depending on the size of the oven and a temperature rise time of between 30 minutes to 1 hour for the largest professional appliances.

Charles Douglas (Author)