Hunger- A Never-Ending Issue Around the World

In the entire world, the actual state of hunger has gone to a ridiculous condition. There are more fruits and nutrients in cosmetic items than on a dining plate. And this fact is enough to let us know how we are wasting or misusing the healthy eatables and eventually adding a lot more to the scarcity of food.

Hunger- The biggest concern

For a rich or mediocre man, hunger might be an issue at all, which is why; they don’t even bother to eradicate it. Unfortunately, this result in rich get richer as well as healthy and on the other hand, poor get poorer and dying a miserable death.

The conditions are not just worsening for the human beings only but for animals too. Brutal rituals like Qurban or Qurbani in the Islamic religion have led to many intentional deaths which are misbalancing the life cycle.

According to some informative analysis, each year, more than 9 million people die a dreadful death all because of hunger. Amid all such cases, most of them are children who suffer the peak of malnutrition and eventually die before the age of 5.

The eminence of food-

Food if eaten more than required can turn out to obesity and if eaten less can kill you with severe hunger pangs. Most of the mediocre people might be fortunate enough to relish food on daily basis but aren’t familiar with the terms like- nutritious food.

In general, the nutritious food must contain all the required elements including- minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, iron, fiber, etc, which are ultimately hard to find in our veggies and pulses, these days. And what’s the reason behind it? Well, it’s clearly the false food production and cooking process, which has made food no less than poison for many of the people, throughout the world.

On top of this, there are countries like- the United Kingdom which is making this condition worse than ever before by wasting a high amount of food on yearly basis. On an average, around 30-40% of food cooked in this country is dumped due to excessive consumption.

To help you contribute your part of efforts, here is a list of some smart and easy ways to defeat hunger-

1. Instead of wasting or dumping food, give it to those who need it the most.

2. Every fortnight or whenever possible try to cook and distribute food amid the hungry children or ladies who need it to nurture their children.

3. Provide the raw material to the poor families so they can cook enough and fill their stomach with healthy minerals.

4. Organize awareness programs and go for collecting food from the natives to distribute it amid the ones who need it.

The concluding words-

If the world will not take the right measures to overcome such silent yet deadly aspects, the world is going to face the worse times in the forthcoming future for sure. Minor steps from each and every privileged individual are must to bring a change in the entire world.

Cindy Abrahim (Author)