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Venntifact- Company Profile

Venntifact- A Brief

The martech and adtech landscape has exploded over the last five years, with over 5000 technology vendors now competing for attention. This was the catalyst for Venntifact to launch in 2018, to help CMOs make sense of the noise, and build powerful marketing technology ecosystems.

According to Venntifact founder Damon Etherington, many enterprise marketing teams are still struggling to move beyond the basic principles of personalised marketing. “There is a lot of talk about measuring customer behaviour and intent, and using this to deliver 1:1 personalised communications at scale, but few are succeeding”

According to the founders of Venntifact, the business was created to help marketing teams not only help organisations achieve this feat but also to make it BAU in the digital arena. “We have worked with leading banks, airlines and telcos to achieve some impressive results in the past and want to share these learnings to a wider audience. The key is helping organisations to understand their requirements and limitations, and address to skills shortage required to truly leverage data in marketing. Most are only scratching the surface of what can be done with data in marketing.”

The Venntifact model is relatively simple: Help organisations to understand their current situation with regards to customer data, marketing technology, and team capability – and then build an actionable practical plans to increase maturity and realise business value. “There is huge amount of value for brands in unifying siloed data sets. We see time and time again, that customer data is peppered across the business, in various platforms, with no single view of what it’s telling us. Once you combine 2-3 data sets, there are always significant opportunities to drive ROI.”

Having their headquarters in Sydney, Venntifact is already making some waves in the industry, picking up significant clients in financial services, travel and retail.

Basic Idea of Venntifact-

Venntifact believes there are seven core principles, which need to be embraced by marketers to be successful in today’s age:

  • Consumers today have wildly shorter attention spans and tolerance. They demand a frictionless, contextual and personalised experience, based on what they’re doing and where they are in the moment. Consumer expectations are born in the age of Airbnb, Amazon and Uber.
  • To deliver on this customer expectation, a Single View of the Customer is critical, and data is the backbone of enabling this. Data from any digital touchpoint, needs to be available for analysis, and be able to trigger/alter an experience in any other touchpoint.
  • Data should be universal, fluid and democratised. Common schemas are required.
  • To truly be customer centric, an organisation needs to break down marketing channels and silos. It doesn’t matter if a customer is on your website or app or call centre – we need to know who they are, their intent, and how to best enable them.
  • The ability to personalise experiences, at a 1:1 level, in real time is important
  • An ability to ‘test and learn’ is critical – with the ability to develop new features, make changes, and measure the impact. This should be embraced by all levels of the organisation.


Venntifact specializes in-

Venntifact provides three specialised services to marketing teams:

  • Marketing technology & Data consulting – helping brands run powerful data-driven marketing technology ecosystems
  • Tailored technical training – helping marketing teams develop technical skills in martech and analytics, required to master modern marketing platforms
  • Data & Martech recruitment – helping teams acquire new talent and capability, required to operate self sufficiently


The secret behind the constantly accelerated growth of Venntifact is-

  1. Breaking down technical challenges into conceptual business language
  2. Pragmatic approach to martech & data (hint: you already have enough tech)
  3. Leverage your first party data
  4. Ensure your people are trained and empowered to succeed
  5. Have a clear, practical strategy for executing on your customer experience

Venntifact Services-

  1. Customer Data Platform– Educating marketing teams on the role a Customer Data Platform can have in the marketing ecosystem. This includes business case building, Proof of Concepts, Vendor selection, implementation and execution.
  2. CX Technology Architecture– Helping marketing teams understand what technology they have, it’s capability, the health of the ecosystem from an integration and execution readiness perspective
  3. Capability Assessment– What skills and capability exist within your team? Are you ready for the new enterprise marketing platforms the business has purchased? What training and development programs will maximise ROI?
  4. Technical Training Programs and Events– Tailored technical training sessions, based on the gaps in your current team. Specifically designed to empower your team to use data more effectively, and execute omni-channel personalisation on your tools
  5. Talent Acquisition– Helping organizations to recruit the talent and capability required, to be execute internally, and not be overly reliant on agencies and vendors



Cindy Abrahim (Author)